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There are studies out that show young people are watching less TV

than ever before.  The youth of today are getting more and more of

their information and entertainment from the web.  Personally, I still

watch too much TV, but I am slowly making the switch to the

computer as well.  I have DirecTV, and let’s face it, that just translates

to 300 channels of nothing to watch.  We all know you can get news

clips from sites like and, but did you know you

could watch full episodes of your favorite TV shows and lots of great

movies for free on the Internet?

No, I’m not talking piracy.  I’m talking about sites like  Hulu

is a joint venture between NBC and Fox.  You can watch shows like

“The Office” and “The Simpsons” within days of their airing.  It’s

perfect for when you miss your favorite show, or when you want to

watch it again.  Perhaps you just want to watch the show with fewer

commercials on your own schedule.  That’s not all though, they also

have complete films. 

Another great site for TV shows and movies is  Don’t

worry you don’t need to have an AOL account to check out the videos. 

They have some great old shows that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Classics like: “Alice”, “Chico and the Man”, “Fantasy Island” and the

“A-team”.  Good stuff from the 70’s and 80’s plus a few shows from


Maybe you would like to learn a little something while you’re being

entertained.  There are free video and audio podcasts that will teach you

about all sorts of interesting topics.  Want to learn about photography? 

Check out Tips From The Top Floor at  Would you like

to have some fun while learning about your computer?  Take a spin

over to, that’s where Leo Laporte broadcasts 40 hours per

week of the best geek talk on the web.  While you’re at it fire up

iTunes, hit the podcasts button and search for anything that you find

interesting.  Before you know it you will be up to your neck in free

audio and video shows that are tailored to your interests.

And lets not forget about good old YouTube.  It’s not just stupid kids

setting themselves on fire.  They have the music video for just about

every song I have ever searched for, and I have looked for some pretty

obscure tracks.  You can also find some great step-by-step instructional

videos there as well.  Now we’ll switch over to some sites that aren’t

free, but are reasonably priced.

I have always loved audio books and a great place to get them is  They have the best quality and selection anywhere. 

If you think you might like to give them a shot, here’s a tip.  Listen to

the shows at, audible is a sponsor and you can get a credit for a

free book by following the directions on Leo’s shows.  I’ll bet you get


It’s been ages since I’ve set foot in a video store.  I can’t help but think

that time is short for Blockbuster and its ilk.  It’s kinda sad.  I

remember back in jr. high, how excited I would get on Friday afternoon

when my father said we were going to Palmdale Home Video.  I would

grab a stack of movies and some Atari 2600 game cartridges; that was

the recipe for a perfect weekend.  The big, corporate rental houses just

don’t have the charm.  I moved on to Netflix and never looked back. 

Not only do I get disks in the mail, but there are over 7000 movies you

can watch instantly, within 30 seconds actually, over the Internet.  You

don’t even need a computer to watch.  They sell a box for $100 that

attaches to your TV and streams video right to your set.  The movies

are just about DVD quality, so they look and sound great.

If you have an iPod, or just a computer now that I think of it, you can

skip the DVDs all together and buy your movies and TV shows from

the iTunes store.  If you do have an iPod and stacks of DVDs that you

would like to make a little more portable there’s a free program called

HandBrake, you can find it at, which will convert your

movie into a iPod friendly format.  It can also configure your disks for

use in the PSP and many other media players.  I must remind you that

you may only use this program to convert content that you own.  Don’t

use this disks you rent, that’s not fair to the people who worked hard on

that movie.  You wouldn’t want to work and not get paid would you?

If all this sounds a little over whelming give me a call at 661-722-1996. 

You could come by the shop and I’ll show you how it all works.


Please email me with your computer or technology questions at: